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The benefits of natural and eco-friendly cosmetics featured:

I was having serious hormonal breakouts on my face. I washed my face with the Rejuvenating Glacier Mud and put it on each pimple and left on overnight. The first night reduced them by 50% and after two nights, gone!

These products are life changing. I am no longer worried about the products I’m putting on my face and body every day! My husband uses it, my mother, my aunt, my grandmother. It’s amazing.

I haven't worn daily makeup in nearly 7 years due to severe eye allergies. I learned about KMSO through the grapevine and took a chance with them. Needless to say I am hooked and absolutely love the products. Not only are the products amazing the company is genuine. I don't have to wonder what is hiding in the products. Thank you KMSO.

A company that cares about me??? What????? Well that is what I've found here. Amazing people to work with and fantastic products makes this a perfect opportunity and something I'm truely grateful for!

I was so happy to get pampered at Keep me Safe Organics Beauty Bar. Rachel dolled me up and I was so impressed with the products that she put on my face. It stayed on until the evening and friends noticed how great my makeup looked. I also loved the skin care products Kelly put on my face. It smelled so good and felt refreshing. Loved the soap bar, one of my favorites! The makeup brushes are incredible. Soft and evenly puts on your makeup. I bought all the makeup that was put on my that day including those wonderful brushes!! I am so happy I got an opportunity to reconnnect with Kelly. So happy for her , the business and her staff. She is one in a million!!! Love ya girl!!!

Love these products - my skin has never looked better!

In Your Keep Me Safe Experience Bundle:

Sample our Rejuvenating Glacier mud treatment. Go back thousands of years ago to experience the unsurpassed healing benefits of glacial mud; Naturally rich in oxygenating acids and mineral rich chlorophyll. It repairs while purifying and imparts a youthful glow to all skin types. Great for rosacea, blemishes, eczema, dry, oily, and acne skin.

Also, Experience our unique and versatile loose mineral powders that can literally transform your eyes, lips and cheeks. The special effects pigments used to create these gorgeous eye shadows create light play that pops the eyes, cheeks or lips. To create an eyeliner, simply moisten your eyeshadow brush and dip it in these luxurious loose mineral powders. Free of parabens, preservatives, and dimethicone our minerals are top notch and beautiful! We have incorporated a matte and a shimmer into this sample pack.